bedtime prayers

So I've been practising Buddhism for over 20 years now but I always liked this bed time prayer from my Catholic childhood.

Jesus tender shepherd hear me
bless thy little child tonight
through the darkness be thou near me
keep me safe til morning light
all this day thy hand has led me
and I thank thee for thy care
thou hast warmed clothed and fed me
listen to my evening prayer
let my sins be all forgiven
bless the friends I love so well
take me when I die to heaven
happy there with thee to dwell

I have no idea who wrote it though. does anyone else remember saying any bedtime prayers? any favorites?
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I can't kiss back
I'm just too tired to move
in such a sleepy groove
even just holdin' hands
doesn't fit in my plans
so be quiet
sit and try it
a lazy day ain't one to miss
don't bother me while I'm dreaming
don't make me move when I feel like this
blow me a kiss

This is from an old vinyl Mama Cass album I used to have. I miss it very much.
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if you want blood...

hey there lovelies

had a rough morning at work and am SO looking forward to sleeping...hoo hoo!!!
but do you ever feel as if you're wasting you day when you take a nap...
perhaps, occasionally. althoug rarely, because, really. would i be doing homework. or anything of great importance if i weren't napping. No. certainly not.
so a nap it is, i am proud to announce.
Happy Napping!
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